Easy Halloween Costumes

After all that hard drive drama settled down, I can finally see Halloween as a pleasant holiday.

It’s got pumpkins, cinnamon spice, skeletons, black cats, witches’ hats and ghosts, lots of black and lots and lots of orange. And did I mention the pumpkins?

I planned a relatively easy costume for Halloween this year, mainly because I’d never dressed up in previous years. But this year I got my wings.

angel and devil

Halloween isn’t complete without an angel and devil, right?

I used to dress in large black wings last time. White wings are actually more versatile because you can play with the idea of a normal angel and a fallen angel. And even a woodland fairy is now an option.
Not only that, I even won best dressed costume! (To be honest, that was probably a fluke)


Thanks MOMU (Malaysians of Melbourne University)!

If you’re trying to find easy Halloween costumes (and don’t have any wings lying around), here’s a compilation of some fun inspiration. I’ve also rated the pros and cons of each outfit. Bonus!

The Instagram Selfie Photo

Queen Bey’s done it. Cut out a square cardboard and paint it to look like an Instagram photo. You can even add a Hashtag nofilter! It’s a fun costume and everyone will definitely want a picture with you.

Pro: You can take an Instagram selfie with people and put it on Instagram. Instagram-ception!
Con: Beyonce’s already done it. And you’ll have to bring it around everywhere you go. Which probably isn’t going to be as much fun.

A Sims Character

Recreate your Sims character in real life. This is super easy, and some Pinterest pins even have a template for you to print, cut and glue the green diamond. Attach it to a headband and wire and you’re set.

Pro: It’s pretty easy, and you can do it with a group of friends.
Con: Some people might not get it? And… you might have to brush up on your Simlish. Can’t be an authentic Sim without Simlish.

If you’ve got a striped shirt or dress lying around, the next few costumes might be an option for you.

Where’s Wally/Waldo?

Is he called Wally or Waldo? Apparently he’s called Waldo in the United States and Canada, and Wally everywhere else. Either way, he’s a nostalgic character and most people know him.

(He’s also the ultimate winner of Hide and Seek, by the way.)

If you have a red striped shirt and jeans, just dress up like Wally, or be Wally’s girlfriend (if you have a yellow and black shirt, you can be Wally’s evil twin (Sure makes it a pleasant change from being a bumblebee.) A bobble cap and cane finishes off the look, but it’s still just as distinguishable without them.

Pro: If your friends don’t see you at the party, you can play the “That means I was an awesome Where’s Wally!” card.
Con: You’d be spotted by everyone you meet. Worst. Wally. Ever.

Hamburglar from McDonald’s

Ahh, Hamburglar. Also termed “one of Ronald McDonald’s gang”. Ronald is obviously the most popular character most people will recognise, but a yellow suit, curly red wig and giant red boots might be difficult to get.
The Hamburglar on the other hand, only needs a black and white striped shirt or dress, and maybe black pants or leggings underneath. A cape and a burger patterned tie completes the look. And don’t forget to swing by McDonald’s for a Happy Meal on the way to the party. Bonus!

Pro: You’ve got a Happy Meal. And a cape. 
Con: You’ll probably have to walk around with a Ronald McDonald for people to get what your costume is. 


A mime is another way to use that striped shirt. A simple long sleeved striped shirt, black pants / skirt, white face paint and black makeup makes it an awesome option for both guys and girls.

Pro: You wouldn’t need to speak the whole night.
Con: You wouldn’t be able to speak the whole night. And it might not be so creative. But… there’s always a solution for that…

French KISS

Oh so punny! The face paint of the rock band KISS mixed with the classic French clothes (don’t forget the baguette) would be hilarious and creative. Go with another 3 of your friends and be the 4 members of KISS.

Related story: How do people celebrate Halloween around the World?

Pro: If the food sucks, you’ve got a backup plan.
Con: Friends might not get it. And if they don’t… well, they weren’t your friends anyway.

The Cat Costume

Okay you might not have to go all out with that makeup to recreate this look above. But you have the option to either draw simple cat whiskers and a black nose, to painting tiger stripes / leopard spots all over your face and body.
For ears, you can either get a cat shaped headband, or create ears from your hair with the help of hairspray and this tutorial below by Elle Fowler (AllThatGlitters21).

Pro: Just get an eyeliner and you’re probably sorted.
Con: Due to its popularity and ease, You might not be the only cat in the room. And I’m not talking about the feline kind.

And if you decide instead that you’ve got lots of time, energy and cash to spare, maybe you can dress up like this.
There are cosplays, and then there are cosplays.


This guy showed up at a cosplay as every single Johnny Depp character. From Pirates of the Caribbean to The Lone Ranger, to Willy Wonka, to Edward Scissorhands to the Mad Hatter… it’s probably easier to actually list out which character he wasn’t dressed up as. It takes time, yes, and commitment, yes; but everyone’s going to be talking about it.

Pro: You’re Johnny Depp, mate!
Con: After that costume… you’ve peaked. There’s no way to go from there but down.

But still, don’t forget Pro: You’re Johnny Depp!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Comment below or send me links of your photos!

– Fari Wu

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